Piano and more - Testimonials


'Thank you for teaching my children to play piano in a fun, inspiring and engaging way. I have seen them progress and play much faster than I did with 6 years of traditional learning and play much more than just classical music. I am so proud of their achievements. Simply music gave them jazz, blues, classical, pop and other genres, as well as the ability to play by ear, learn by heart and to improvise. I wasn't able to do half as much as they achieved with your teaching. You've been so patient and the lessons and skills they've learned over the years have been something they'll have for life.'

Jodie Ann, mother of Hayden (13), Chloe (15) & Lachlan (17)

'......Sheh-Mae is exceptionally good at encouraging and motivating Lara in a positive and inspiring way. Lara loves to play for her!'

Joanne Van Ravenswaaij, mother to Lara (8)

'....Sheh-Mae has an array of solutions to areas of difficulty. She also focuses on your technique to improve the quality of the music you play. Endlessly patient!'

Jenny Lewis(50+)

'.....Sheh-Mae’s passion and love for the piano is quite contagious. Sheh-Mae is able to teach my daughter in a way that works best for her. My daughter has only been playing piano for 3 school terms and in that time has learnt to play an abundant amount of musical pieces. I find her progress outstanding. Sheh-Mae is not only friendly but her motivational approach to teaching has helped boost my daughter’s confidence and given her a sense of accomplishment. Especially when the music can be challenging, Sheh-Mae is incredibly patient and is committed in helping her learn.

What my daughter enjoys most is the ability of creating her own music which Sheh-Mae encourages. It is such a joy to see my daughter’s passion and love for the piano. It’s brought music into our home.

In such a short amount of time my daughter has developed a love for playing the piano which has helped her grow on so many levels, thanks to Sheh-Mae’s incredible talent and connection with her students....'

Dina Karakolis, mother to Anastasia (12)

'It has been a delight and joy learning to play the piano using the Simply Music techniques. I have been surprised at how much I have been able to accomplish without having to read music. Sheh-Mae has been delightful, patient, and encouraging, making my lessons fun-filled occasions to look forward to.'

Tom Blaze (60+)

'...Sheh-Mae, thank you for your intuitive approach to teaching Hugo (13) and Georgi (11)!!'

Liz Wade

' ...The program amazing in itself, needs a teacher to deliver it. Usually I come in the front door and I make a bee line for the piano room to play before our lesson. My teacher will sometimes add a tweak here and there, and then our lesson begins. Each lesson is carefully crafted to take the student to the next step and having someone to laugh with and be inspired by, makes all the difference in the learning experience. It is the little embellishments that my teacher adds that I really enjoy. I love all the different exercises that we do, knowing that they are laying important foundation for incredible steps to come. Can I recommend the Simply Music program and my amazing teacher Shehmae?

I cannot recommend them enough!'

Corrie Wade (35+)

'...Soon after my daughter began classes, I couldn't believe the progress in such a short amount of time. Sheh-Mae is dedicated to teaching, is patient, nurturing, firm and fun. This has been such a positive experience and my daughter has now given life back to our old piano and the enjoyment is shared by the whole family. Thank you Sheh-Mae!'

Gill Bennett, mother to Cleo (12)